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For those in search of a natural design scheme for their outdoor living spaces, natural stone is a great way to go. Available in as many colors, textures, shapes and sizes as you can imagine, natural stone is as beautiful as it is functional, providing enduring beauty that adds tremendous value to your property. Common natural stone patios and walkways are constructed using Bluestone, Flagstone, limestone or granite.

Natural Stone Restoration in Chicago - before and afterProper maintenance is integral to a long-lasting natural stone exterior. However, its porous nature tends to promote staining and discoloration from mold, mildew, moss and lichen growth, lending an unattractive blackened appearance over time. Using our proprietary high-quality cleaning and washing technique, we can restore the original beauty of your natural stone walkways, patios and hardscapes without causing damage to the surface.

Paver Protector specializes in transforming weathered natural stone, bringing them back to new condition once again. Our patented cleaning methods are safe, effective and high-quality, guaranteed to produce the best possible results.

Our cleaners remove even the most resistant stains, from mold and dirt to salt, rust and so much more. Our environmentally safe detergents and gentle power-washing methods are designed to prevent damage or erosion to soft, porous natural stone.

Once clean, we install polymeric stone dust to lockup the joints in between the stones. This sharpening stone dust locks tightly to the natural stone, acting as a deterrent to weed and moss growth as well as preventing wash-outs or insect infestation.

Barrington Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone is highly porous and absorbs water quickly, promoting unsightly staining while allowing organic surface growth. Using sealers that are specifically designed for use on natural stone surfaces, we can effectively protect against damage from moisture as well as any unsightly staining. This affords you the freedom of easy maintenance, so you have more time to do the things you love – like relaxing in your beautiful backyard. Our sealers will never cause a surface to be slippery, and will not compromise the natural finish of the flagstone.

Not all natural stone cleaning companies are created equal: Paver Protector provides a satisfaction guarantee. This is what sets Paver Protector apart from the competition. If your natural stone exteriors need care and protection, call us today. Nobody knows natural stone better than Paver Protector.

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