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Will Sealing Brick Pavers Make Them Slippery

One of the main concerns we get when talking to homeowners about sealing brick patios or driveways is the effect sealer will have on slipperiness or traction. Nobody wants to make a perfectly good surface slippery or dangerous when wet or icy. The
Sealing a Brick Paver Driveway & Patio In Algonquin IL-2

Sealing a Brick Paver Driveway & Patio In Algonquin IL

This brick paver driveway and patio in the Boulder Ridge neighborhood in Algonquin/ Lake In The Hills area was in need of new joint sand and sealing by Paver Protector. The joint sand had all washed away leaving the pavers lose and susceptible
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Natural Look Brick Paver Sealing Barrington, IL

This brick paver patio in Barrington, IL was cleaned and sealed by Paver Protector in the summer of 2010. The homeowner was happy with the color of the pavers and didn’t want to alter the appearance but wanted to just protect the pavers from fading