For homeowners who demand a dynamic look for their patio, pathways, walkways or driveway design, pavers deliver on style, durability and function. The layouts and design possibilities are virtually endless, with many colors, textures and configurations to consider. Pavers also provide an exceedingly stable surface that is guaranteed to deliver countless years of enjoyment for you and your family.

Paver CleaningThe key to brick paver longevity is ongoing maintenance. Over time, brick and stone pavers will succumb to the elements, building up dirt that dulls their surface and makes them look old. Weeds, mold and moss will grow in between the joints and surfaces will become uneven with settling.

Paver Protector’s proprietary cleaning methods knocks out weeds and removes stains, restoring the surface to like new condition. In fact, we are the area experts in paver cleaning and and sealing. Using a brick paver cleaning technique that is unique to us as well as the highest quality paver cleaners on the market, we will deliver results you never thought possible.

Our tough cleaners are able to remove the most resistant and annoying stains, whether from mold, dirt, oil, salt or rust. We use hot water to clean the most stubborn stains along with using a low-pressure technique that mitigates damage to the paver surface. Our specialists are detail oriented and will not rest until the job is done and done right.

Paver Protector stands by all work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: this is a small but important detail that puts us head and shoulders ahead of the competition. Whether your pavers are looking worse for wear, or if you have new pavers that need protection, you need only make one call: the experts at Paver Protector are the Chicago area’s specialists in the care and maintenance of brick, stone or concrete paver surfaces. Call today to find out more.

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