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After your paver design has been set, sand is swept in between the cracks, creating an interlock that holds the stones tightly together. Over the ensuing years, this sand recedes, washed away by rain. Weeds, moss, mold and other external invasives will creep into the crevasses, requiring a periodic re-sanding.

Paver Joint ResandingPaver joint re-sanding is effective in renewing the look of your paved surfaces, and keeping it structurally sound. After cleaning we then install new polymeric joint sand. Polymeric sand contains polymers which harden to resits washing out, weeds and insects. Many contractors won’t take the time to remove all of the old sand. They focus on clearing out the surface sand only, which can compromise the seal and cause the sand to fail over time. Since the sand serves to level and stabilize the surface, if it isn’t done properly, you might be forced to revisit this job sooner than you think.

Paver joint re-sanding will improve the look of older brick pavers as well as those that have been newly placed. Many of our competitors would prefer to only install new pavers, but Paver Protector is happy to offer a complete ongoing paver maintenance package that covers all cleaning, re-sanding, repairs and sealing.

Since 2005, we have been proudly perfecting every detail of our brick paver joint sanding services. We use only top quality materials that are proven to hold up, even in the worst possible conditions. Discover why we are the Chicago area’s favorite paver joint re-sanding company: call today for a free estimate.

paver cleaning and joint resanding

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