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Decorative brick and stone pavers can be used to beautify many exterior areas. A protective paver sealer can improve the look of your pavers, adding incredible color protection and enhancement. Whether you have new or old pavers, our sealer will provide a rich, three-dimensional look you are going to love.

paver sealing companyBrick paver sealers protect against all kinds of stains and spills, naturally occurring debris like dirt, vehicle fluids, mold and other organic growth. In the case of older, faded pavers, applying a sealant really brings out the original color, making your pavers look like new.

Sealing your pavers will also stabilize the joint sand between the stones, locking them in place with a tight seal. The uppermost layer of polymeric sand then hardens, providing weed and moss resistance, erosion control and even resists insects.

Paver Protector is dedicated to helping you enhance the look of your property, preserving your investment for future generations. Applying a proper paver seal repels moisture and prevents permanent staining which can make your property look tired. Our sealers are water-resistant, protecting against erosion and salt damage in extreme winter weather conditions.

We specialize in sealing brick pavers. Whether your pavers are new and in need of protection, or older pavers that are crying for a little TLC, call Paver Protector today. Paver Protector is the Chicago area’s number one choice for brick and stone paver sealing, providing solutions that stand the test of time. Call today for more information or to request an estimate.

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